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Don't let high occupancy rates impact future bookings

24 Apr 2024

Once you’re at optimal occupancy at your self-storage facility, online bookings may start to slow down. Here’s how to keep numbers up!

How to Measure the Success of Traditional Self-Storage Marketing

09 Jan 2024

You’ve invested in facility signage, local flyer drops & community sponsorships but do you know what impact it’s had on your bottom line?

Take ownership of your own data with Google Tag Manager​

12 Dec 2023

Learn how self-storage operators can harness the power of Google Tag Manager to gain insights into their online bookings.

The Secret Ingredient for an Irresistible Self-Storage Website, AI!

24 Nov 2023

Just like cooking, creating a website is straightforward when you have the right recipe and AI can take your dish to the next level!

The Top 3 Reasons to Send Automated Emails to Your Customers

22 Nov 2023

Available to everyone using our Kinnovis Manager, you can design and personalise automated emails.

Harness the Full Potential of Multi-Purpose Self-Storage Facilities

17 Nov 2023

If self-storage is all about space, what should you do with any areas which aren’t (currently) lettable? 

Manage Multiple, Multinational Entities with one Kinnovis Account

09 Nov 2023

For franchisees with multiple legal entities or those operating across different countries, you can control everything in one place.

The Future of Self-Storage: How Technology is Changing the Game

03 Nov 2023

Dive into how tech advancements, especially Software as a Service [SaaS], are impacting the self-storage industry.

Why Data Analytics is a Game-Changer for Self-Storage Operators

03 Nov 2023

Discussing the importance of analysing customer data to predict trends, optimise pricing, and improve operations.

Boost Your Self-Storage Operations with Integrated Software Solutions

03 Nov 2023

Discover the benefits of a single software platform for operations, billing, security and customer service.

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