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Our industry-leading technology means you can take customer service to the next level with our AI-powered chatbot: JaneGPT

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Unit size recommendation

Instant, accurate unit size suggestions in terms your customers will understand. With Jane GPT, customer support runs 24/7.

Automatic quotes

Drive online books and reduce your contact time with each customer. Handling multiple sales enquiries at once, Jane will soon be your star seller!
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Live unit availability check

Real-time connections to your site’s availability ensures that accurate information can be relayed directly to your potential customers.

Common questions about JaneGPT

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We’re currently in the active development of our AI Chatbot and are looking to release it in the third quarter of 2024.

If you’re already using the Kinnovis Manager to run your business, you won’t need to do anything.
For those not using our software, there will be an API that can push your data to Jane.

Within the Kinnovis Manager, any updates will be automatically reflected in Jane’s responses. Otherwise, an API connection will allow you to keep Jane up to date.

No, you do not have to use the KINNOVIS Manager to use JaneGPT.
For the first version of JaneGPT that we launch, the option to speak to a real person will be limited to offering the potential customer your team’s contact details.
The option to assign team members and take over conversations is something we’ll certainly be looking at for later versions, however.

Yes, you will have access to all conversations JaneGPT has had with people on your website.

In the same way that no data is shared between self-storage companies using our Kinnovis Manager software, the information you supply to JaneGPT will not be accessible to others.

JaneGPT will only recommend available unit sizes.

While this won’t be available when Jane is first launched, we’re hoping to be able to provide self-storage operators with analytics on unit demand, commonly asked questions and quotations generated from the conversations.

We actually asked ChatGPT for some suggestions of what we could call our AI Chatbot, Jane was our favourite suggestion!

Team up with JaneGPT

Specifically designed for the self-storage industry, join our waiting list for important updates.

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Manage your business with a fully interactive facility map that updates in real-time.

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Collect more rentals & payments by adding our customer-facing online booking portal.

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Allow your customers to track and keep on top of their unit rentals.

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See your performance laid out in clean and reliable reports.

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Build bespoke email templates that match your brand and don’t require any coding.

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Take customer service to the next level with our AI-powered chatbot.