Analytics and reports

Discover insights fast with the Analytics Dashboard

Browse a complete overview of how your business is performing, with visuals for all major Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Create and export reports in PDF formats

Send colleagues and stakeholders an easily readable PDF version of your latest figures, emailed to them straight from your Kinnovis account.

Occupancy rate

Available in two measures, you can see your occupancy levels over time against both the number of units you have and the amount of lettable space.

Pro rata revenue

By factoring in each customer’s move-in and rental period, not just their payment dates, you’ll have a fair and transparent indicator of growth over time.

Invoiced revenue

Looking purely at the transactions coming into your business, by invoice date, you’ll find a breakdown of where your revenue is coming from every month.

Cashflow revenue

An illuminating summary of received payments from renters, excluding taxes and deposits. This report showcases income based on actual payment dates.

Customer Overview

Gather important data on your customers and create a demographic to target with your marketing. See how long the typical customer stores with you for and how much lifetime value they bring during that time.

Invoice Analysis

A detailed examination of issued invoices, credit notes, and triggered payments, complemented by an assessment of outstanding invoices sorted by age.

Booking Dynamics

Discover your latest booking trends by tracking move-ins, move-outs and the average booking duration they’ve paid for.

Rate per area

Track your rate per sq ft or m² over time and see how your average customer rate compares between retail and commercial customers.

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