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Kinnovis, at a glance

Our origins actually come from a galvanising steel plant in Germany, Zinkpower. Beginning in 1973, Zinkpower has over 50 locations and 3,000 employees across the globe.

As their business grew, it led to inroads into real estate before opening a self-storage facility in Vienna. The goal for that site was to have it running as autonomously as possible by utilising the latest technology available. With no software solution that met our needs, we built our own – and that’s what led to Kinnovis!

Our self-storage journey

Since launching Store Room in 2018, the business has grown to 3, remotely managed self-storage facilities across Vienna. The flagship store is also the largest facility in Austria, offering 9,000 sq m of lettable space. At this size, the ability to automate and remove time-consuming, repetitive tasks was a necessity.

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Starting in Austria…

By utilising the latest technologies available and ensuring that the software developed for Store Room remained flexible from the start, it wasn’t long before other self-storage operators reached out with their compliments and curiosity.

Seeing the opportunity to support the self-storage industry with an innovative software solution, Martin Kopf and Martin Wild brought in a team of skilled engineers and founded Kinnovis.

…and growing globally

Today, the Kinnovis self-storage software is helping operators worldwide to run their facilities how they’d like to run them. By providing online bookings, handling payments & billing and automating large parts of facility management, Kinnovis makes running self-storage a breeze.

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Our mission

Provide self-storage operators of all sizes with the latest technology in the industry, giving them a business that can look after itself but still ensure their tenants receive an outstanding customer experience!

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