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From single-site operators to large enterprises, integrating Kinnovis with Stripe will mean you can reduce costs and save time.

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Why we use Stripe

We’ve chosen to integrate with Stripe for two primary reasons, security and connectivity. Stripe offers robust security measures and advanced fraud prevention tools, ensuring that any transactions made by your customers are safe and secure. Additionally, Stripe provides some of the most advanced integrations currently available, allowing us to seamlessly incorporate their payment processing capabilities into our Booking Portal and Manager, without disrupting the user experience for your customers. 

What Stripe does for Kinnovis

By connecting your Stripe account with the Kinnovis Manager, it allows us to provide you with the ability to take bookings, upfront deposits and one-time payments all online – without needing to speak with the customer. You’re also able to offer a wide range of payment options to customers, so they can make the initial payment with their preferred method and then either save those payment details or enter into a recurring payment plan at the same time. 

This integration also enables us to feed invoicing and revenue data directly from your Stripe account into our reporting and analytics. Giving you live, accurate information about the performance of your self-storage facilities. 

Getting set up

Upon signing up with Kinnovis, your dedicated Project Manager will assist with setting up your Stripe account and guide you through the process of connecting both platforms. In combination with Stripe Connect’s own onboarding, our support will also include setting up payment methods and configuring account settings like payment retries. Most importantly, your set up will include showing you how payouts to you from Stripe work! 

Once you’re up and running, we also have comprehensive documentation and support resources based on how our existing customers have set their Stripe accounts. 

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Fees charged by the payment service provider Stripe

At Kinnovis, we endeavour to integrate with the best and most secure payment processing systems so that you can run your business smoothly and fully automatically. To make you aware of the costs involved, you will find more information below. Kinnovis is neither a middleman nor an intermediary. The contractual relationship is exclusively between your company and Stripe directly. Kinnovis therefore has no influence on the services and prices offered by Stripe and does not receive any commission from Stripe.

Fees for Stripe Billing Starter

The Kinnovis platform uses the Stripe feature “Billing Starter” to enable the Kinnovis feature “Bookings”. For Billing Starter, Stripe charges a fee for the total invoice amount of successfully paid subscription payments via the Kinnovis platform. Under the following links you will find a detailed description of Stripe Billing and its pricing.

Fees for Stripe Payments

The Kinnovis platform uses the Stripe feature “Payments” to enable the processing of online payments. Stripe charges a transaction fee for all payments made online. This fee varies depending on the country and payment method. Follow this link Stripe Payments to get a detailed description of the feature. Follow this link to find the pricing in your country.

Have any questions about connecting Stripe with Kinnovis?