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Any that support the payment processing systems we integrate with. As of today, that’s most of the Americas, Europe, Australasia and Pacific Asia. If you’re unsure, reach out to us and we can check if we’re able to operate in your country.

Yes, we already have translations of our software in English, German, French and Spanish and can easily update it for any additional languages of your choosing.

Your data will be extremely secure, as we implement the latest data protections and privacy processes, in full compliance with GDPR and other data regulations. For more details, visit our Privacy Policy.

Having switched several clients across from alternative software providers, we have an effective process in place to ensure any data that is to be moved across is captured efficiently and imported directly into your new Kinnovis account without any errors or loss of data.

We offer complete customer support, both during the onboarding process and once you’re up and running. This includes instant access to our high-quality online support articles, which include video tutorials. We also have an online chat available, directly within the Kinnovis Manager which you can contact us directly for instant responses.

Our software

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Absolutely, our Booking Portal is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing website and include your branding and imagery. For the user, it will still look and feel like your website to them.

Yes, all our customers have access to the same features.

Our pricing is calculated on the number of units you have at your facilities. You can submit a request for a personalised quote on our pricing page.

We do offer a monthly plan, so you wouldn’t be locked into a fixed-term contract. We do also offer a yearly plan where you can benefit from a 20% discount.

We have several reports available within our software, you can see the full list on our Analytics & Reporting page. For a detailed example of the real-time analytics we offer, book a free online call and we can arrange access to a demo account for you.

Yes, our fully-interactive Facility Map means you can oversee the latest activity of your sites.

Certainly! You have the flexibility to design your own emails or use our range of pre-designed templates that can be modified as needed. This includes being able to set your own merge tags and email triggers, so customers automatically receive a personalised email as soon as a specific action or event has occurred (like a failed payment).

We know how important dynamic pricing is for those with high occupancy levels. We’re making this easier for you by creating a tool that automatically raises prices when a certain unit type reaches low availability.

For updates on how this feature is progressing, along with a host of other game-changing updates, you can access our roadmap and vote for your favourite ideas within the Kinnovis Manager. To find out more, book a free demo call with our team. We’ll happily run through everything with you and answer any questions you might have.

Your needs

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We integrate with most leading providers. For information on some of the smart entry providers we integrate with, along with other systems you may use for your business, visit our Integrations page.

We can work with any accounting software as your revenue data can be easily exported from the Kinnovis Manager for reconciliation in your chosen accounting package.

Yes, you simply purchase a policy from a 3rd party provider and our software can facilitate the selling of customisable protection plans within the manager.

Yes – this can be added within the booking flow as an automated feature or made a more manual process, depending on your prefence.

You have the flexibility to use whichever storage agreement you’d prefer to use. We can also automatically populate the customer’s details from their online reservation into your storage agreement as part of the booking process.

Simply select the bookings you want to apply price increases to, set a date and the specified amount you want to increase their rate by. You can even set up fully automated emails to let your customers know a certain number of days before the price increase occurs!

With our platform we have designed a system so that you can have multiple businesses and Stripe accounts under one Kinnovis account. You would simply need to add your different sites as separate locations instead.

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