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How You Can Manage Multiple, Multinational Entities with one Kinnovis Account

Whether you’re operating as a franchise with multiple brands, or serving customers across several countries, you can still run every one of your facilities from the same Kinnovis Manager.

At Kinnovis, we are always thinking ahead and looking to the future, not only when we discuss new product features but also when we analyse the many different use cases every self-storage operator might have for utilising our software. You may be a single-site operator, or you could have multiple locations spread across several countries. If you’re in the latter scenario, this likely required you to create separate companies or business entities for certain sites.

The Problem

If you have multiple business entities, each with a separate business bank account, you’re going to need a different Stripe account for each one to automate your customers’ recurring payments and billing.

With the majority of other self-storage software providers, this would mean that things start to get complicated. Separate accounts would need to be created for each entity you have, meaning multiple log-ins, higher fees, no data connections between facilities and an overall poor facility management experience.

Our Solution

With Kinnovis, we have a robust system architecture in place which enables us to control the relationship between our systems and your Stripe account(s) on a facility level. This means that only one Kinnovis account needs to be created to handle multiple business entities and Stripe accounts, as long as you’re running your business in a single currency. This means that, as an operator, you can view all your sites in one place!

Our user permission settings also allow you to grant different team members access to individual or multiple facilities within your one Kinnovis account – so you have full control of who can see and edit your customers’ information at each location.


Put simply, having a more advanced system architecture when we initially established our product makes everything in our software flexible and adaptable to how you run your business (and not the other way around). It also means you and your team have a far more user-friendly experience when managing your business with our software – along with lower fees!

Whilst the decision to offer this service required a larger initial investment in both time and resources, we’re already seeing the payoff in many different areas, not least in terms of positive feedback from our customers. Ensuring our system is truly future-proof and able to cope with the evolving demands of self-storage businesses across the globe is at the core of everything we do.