Customer portal

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How it works

Once a booking has been made, your new customer will be prompted to create their own account login. From the Customer Portal, they can:

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Account overview

Give each customer the latest updates on their bookings whenever they need to check them, saving your team from repetitive calls and support tasks.

Cancel booking

Automate the move-out process and deliver all the crucial information they need without having to speak with the customer.

Manage access

Through integration with your smart entry provider, Kinnovis can let your customers choose who they want to access to their units and for how long.

Update payment method

See late payments stay low by letting your customers update expired card details, or simply change their chosen payment method, for all open and recurring invoices.

Our Products

Discover exactly what you can do with Kinnovis!

Facility map icon

Facility map

Manage your business with a fully interactive facility map that updates in real-time.

Booking portal icon

Booking portal

Collect more rentals & payments by adding our customer-facing online booking portal.

Customer portal icon

Customer portal

Allow your customers to track and keep on top of their unit rentals.

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Analytics & reports

See your performance laid out in clean and reliable reports.

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Automated emails

Build bespoke email templates that match your brand and don’t require any coding.

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Connect your favourite tools with your Kinnovis account and take your business to the next level.

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Take customer service to the next level with our AI-powered chatbot.

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