Illustration of a full self-storage facility.

Don't let occupancy rates impact future bookings

No room at the Inn?

Once you’re either at, or running close to, optimal occupancy at your self-storage facility, you might find that online bookings from new customers start to slow down.

Typically, we’ve found this is because popular unit sizes aren’t available for their preferred move-in date. While it might not seem like a concern right now, depending on your churn rate, it can cause issues with occupancy levels further down the line. Additionally, if you’re spending money on digital marketing, it can be a costly exercise to draw users to your website only to close the door on them when they’re ready to book!

Ways automation can help

With the Kinnovis Booking Portal, we’ll always try to get as many people as possible from your website into a rented unit. Unit availability can be the biggest drawback here, so that’s why we use the data available to ease this friction point. For example, we automatically re-introduce currently rented units to your booking page, if the move-out date is known and the next person has chosen a move-in after that date. You can also factor in some ‘buffer time‘, if you like to check recently vacated units.

Additionally, we’ll also instantly recommend the next smaller and larger unit size to them on your booking page, if their chosen unit isn’t available for their move-in date. This won’t be a help to certain self-storage providers, such as container operators, but if you have a facility with a wide range of unit sizes then they may prioritise their move-in date over a unit’s dimensions.

Lastly, when the information is known, we will show the potential customer on your booking form when their chosen unit size will become available. This should help guard against potential drop-offs from your website when they have flexibility with their move-in date.

Screenshot of Kinnovis Booking Portal showing an unavailable unit.

Converting those that may have otherwise dropped-off

If they don’t want a different sized unit and the availability of the unit they have selected is either unknown or too far in the future, then all is not lost. They can still register interest in that particular unit. By clicking the register interest button, a quick form will popup which will allow them to supply their name, email and phone number. Within our Kinnovis Manager, you’ll find a new customer entry, labelled ‘Lead’. You’ll have their contact details, along with their preferred unit size and move-in date. You don’t lose a potential new customer and they might receive a solution that meets their needs!

Additionally, if they didn’t submit this form, but did supply contact details without completing their online booking, they will also be added as a new customer entry with the label “Booking process”. When either new lead comes through, you’ll be alerted with a new task within the Task Dashboard to follow up with them.


If you’re in a fortunate position where occupancy levels at your self-storage facility are high but the scarcity of available units could impact your online bookings, a combination of automation and lead capturing can work as a strong safety net against losing potential new customers.

If a website visitor has got to the stage on your website where they’re looking at reservation options, a list of unavailable options isn’t going to turn them into a customer. However, they may be willing to compromise on either their unit size or move-in date, and with Kinnovis you can offer alternative solutions straight from your booking form. Alternatively, they can also leave their details with you and there may be a workaround you’re able to find for them.

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