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Why Kinnovis has Contracts: A Commitment to Quality & Transparency

Software you can depend on

At Kinnovis, we pride ourselves on providing the best self-storage software solutions for owners and operators. We understand that our customers need clarity and certainty when it comes to the services they receive and the costs associated with those services. That’s why we ask every new customer to co-sign a contract and enter into a service agreement when they sign up for our facility management software.

Our long-term support

This contract is not a mere formality or a hoop to jump through. It is a commitment from us to you, ensuring that you know exactly what to expect from us. While we always strive to go above and beyond for our customers, we also want to ensure your fundamental needs are met. Our contract lays out in clear terms what you can expect from our software for your self-storage facilities.

A key aspect of this contract is laying out our pricing in clear terms. Our contract details your total costs in a fully transparent and legally bound section. This signed contract also prevents us from dramatically changing the price of your subscription once you’ve signed up! You can rest assured that there will be no unexpected costs once you’re fully onboarded with our software.

Once you are fully up to speed with our software and you’re using tools like our Facility Maps, Reporting and Automated Emails, you can be reassured that we are also committed to providing ongoing support to you and your team members.

Our signed contract means that we continue to develop and maintain our software, keeping it to the high standard it is today. Moreover, we commit to responding to any issues or outages within a stated period of time as outlined in our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Did you know: according to our customer support platform, Intercom, our median response time for customer enquiries is 34 minutes, with a median resolution time of 9 hours.


Type of Issue

Response Time

During support hours.

Intended Resolution Time

During support hours.


A material and crucial part of the SaaS Service is down; concerning a major part of users and the entire SaaS Service.

8 hours

24 hours


A material but not-crucial part of the Service is down; concerning a part of users and a part of the SaaS Service.

8 hours

48 hours


There is an issue with the SaaS Service; concerning one or more users, but having little to no effect on the entire SaaS Service.

24 hours

1 week


Not an urgent issue; having no effect on the SaaS Service.

48 hours

1 month

Our Median Response Time:

Results from our customer support reporting, Intercom.

34 Minutes

9 Hours

We also have a clear cancellation policy, ensuring that we honour your business needs and support you up to your last day as a Kinnovis customer. We understand that circumstances can change and we want to make sure that you are not tied down unnecessarily.

Finally, we take data privacy seriously. Throughout our business, we align with European standards on data privacy and protection laws. Our software contract ensures all our self-storage customers are treated in the same way.


Unlike some other self-storage software providers, asking new customers to co-sign a contract when they sign up for our software ensures that everyone is on the same page from the start. They are an integral part of how we do business, ensuring that we can meet and exceed your expectations while providing the best self-storage software solution.

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