Kinnovis & Sensorberg

Autonomously connect our facility management with Sensorberg’s smart entry system to grant and revoke customers’ access to your facilities.

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Discussing our self-storage software integration

Martin and Daniel recently met up to discuss how self-storage facility management can be simplified when operators utilising both Kinnovis and Sensorberg make use of the two platforms’ ready-to-go API integration.

Working together to support customers

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The key to this sync is how both platforms communicate. We want to make sure you’re not having to constantly run from one side to the other!

We have measures in place to make sure any potential problems are detected, understood and resolved by the right people. All you should need to hear about is the end result.

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You’ll also be able to clearly see how things are connected between our two systems. There’s a nice interface that allows you to double-check that everything is connected as you would expect.

This means that, when someone books a unit through Kinnovis, that person also gets the appropriate unit within the Sensorberg access solution.

Working with self-storage facilities of all sizes

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It actually doesn’t matter what size your self-storage facility you’re running with us, whether you have maybe 20 containers or a facility with thousands of indoor units. The process remains the same and our support team treats every new customer the same way.

Sensorberg app integration with Kinnovis software.
Sensorberg data sync with Kinnovis software.

How your data syncs between both platforms

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It’s a seamless API connection so that Kinnovis basically plugs right into our system to get key information over to us.

If anything changes, like if the tenant has moved out or not paid their invoice and we want to prevent access, Kinnovis will push that information to Sensorberg and immediately update that tenant’s access rights

Tracking activity at your sites

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Through our Operator Control Board, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s happening. Who accessed what and when. You can also dive deeper by mapping each unit with the Kinnovis software and have a visual guide to what’s happening with every one of your units.

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We’re also mirroring some of the data on our side through this API connection, to make operational tasks easier. Like with our Task Dashboard, granting and revoking access for individuals can be adjusted with a single click within our Facility Manager.

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