Spoom flexibilty for work

Spoom Reforming the Coworking Industry

Spoom being a high-end brand, ensures its customers the best experience possible.
KINNOVIS has collaborated with Spoom to provide their customers with a totally digital experience, allowing them to book and move out of their chosen workplace in just a few minutes.

Due to our platform, customers can benefit from the immediate share access feature and enjoy a coworking day with their colleagues or friends. Passing a key is as simple as sending a link when using our access sharing feature. That is how Spoom keeps its promise of ‘’The flexibility for work’’.

Scale Up

Whether you're a large or small coworking space, our platform can help you grow.

Digital or Conventional

Our software may be used with any type of lock and can be integrated with a variety of access control providers on the market.

Common Areas

Our platform allows renting out community spaces and extra office facilities