Management Software

Through our management software, you will finally have a total overview of all elements of your business!

Why KINNOVIS Management Software?

One Location For All Data

Rentals, customers, invoices, doors, locks, units, offices, contracts, deadlines, appointments, emails, to do's, follow ups.. the list is endless!

Central Switching Point

Connecting mobile apps and you website & checkout

3rd Party Integrations

Any 3rd party provider, such as CRM, Access Control, Reporting and Analytics tools, etc. can be easily integrated.

Quick Overview & Reporting

Customizable, with dashboards and widgets for deeper insghts and overviews

eCommerce Framework

Based on the open source eCommerce framework OroCommerce, which allows a full range of features and easy customization to individual needs of any partner. Everything that is necessary for managing a digitized real estate is built on this solid foundation.

Personalization At The Highest Level

What you get is not off-the-shelf!

Our Management Software at a Glance

  • Accounting Integration
  • Operational CRM
  • Contact and Account Management
  • Lead and Opportunity Management
  • Reporting Analytics
  • Workflow and Productivity Tool Customization

"Great app for designing interfaces like never before."

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