Hardware Integration

KINNOVIS Software is fully in-line with the latest unlocking technology. 

self storage door unlocking

Connecting with the World of Hardware

PIN Unlocking

Users can unlock doors using their own personal PIN on e.g. fully digital intercom systems or touch panels. Access permissions automatically synchronise via KINNOVIS.

NFC Card Unlocking

Parallel to Smartphone and PIN unlocking KINNOVIS provides unlocking via personal NFC Cards

Audio/Video Calls

Let visitors ring tenants via digital intercom systems directly on the tenants smartphone

API Integration

KINNOVIS integrates with any kind of Hardware that allows API integration.

Content Visualization

Visualize any kind of content dynamically on displays, such as Logos, Names or Marketing Content that automatically synchronizes via KINNOVIS

Fully Customizable

KINNOVIS fully customizes any visualization, functionality or processes related to your Hardware.

Our Hardware Integration at a Glance

  • Access Controls
  • Intercoms
  • Turnstiles
  • Parking Gates
  • Sliding and Swing Doors
  • Elevators

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