Community Feature

Keep your community up-to-date with the latest news, offers, events, work and much more! Our real-time messaging feature keeps all your users engaged and informed. 

Why KINNOVIS Community?

Display Upcoming Events

Chess Night in the lobby? Baby Shower at 7a? Table Tennis Tournament on the 1st Floor? Display all upcoming events in your smart space and make it possible for users to join any time!

Messaging Service

Connect your community! In our in-app messaging service, all residents can quickly connect and discuss trending topics!

Showcase Latest News

Is the plumber coming by at 8am next Friday? Give your members notice in advance!

Bookable Products & Services

Does your co-living area have a bookable washing machine or anything similar? Not a problem! Make it easily bookable in our app.

Personal Community Profile

Every member can have its own personal profile, with information relevant for the community! Quickly connect with everyone and inform them of the latest updates or see if they would like to join you for that chess night ♟

Affordable Pricing

Get in touch with us. You won't believe what we charge for our services.

Fully Customizable

Your brand identity. Your colors. Your features and processes. Our app is customizable from A to Z!

Your Community at a Glance

  • Display Upcoming Events & Offers
  • Easy Event Booking
  • Easily notify users about upcoming updates
  • Messaging Service
  • Personal Community Profile
  • Bookable Products

"Great app for designing interfaces like never before."

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