iOS & Android Apps

With our app, users receive immediate access upon booking their space. Users can  also share access with anyone they want, for as long as they want.
All doors are opened by your Smartphone!


Access Control Integration

Our System can be connected to any access control provider via REST API. We recommend Sensorberg 😉

Easy Unlocking

Via Bluetooth LE the device recognizes locks in your vicinity. Ready to unlock!


Unlocking, space management, easy booking, access sharing.. and much more!

Share Your Access

You can share access simply by inputting an email address! The recipient then gets an email with all necessary information as well as a direct link in order to download the app.

Affordable Pricing

Get in touch with us. You won't believe what we charge for our services.

Fully Customizable

Your brand identity. Your colors. Your features and processes. Our app is customizable from A to Z!

Our App at a Glance

  • Real Time Door Unlocking
  • Profile and Space Management
  • Sharing Access
  • Hybrid Unlocking
  • Activity Log
  • Higher Security Through Real Time Updates

Get In touch

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